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Mis à jour : 11 déc. 2020

London has been ranked as one of the biggest global and international city in the world. This means that London is rich in terms of culture and opportunities with around 300 different languages spoken in the city and at least 14 different faiths practiced.

However, in terms of food England has not the best reputation as could have other countries like France or Spain, or China. England might be known for English breakfast, fish and chips, sausages and mash or even beans... But in London, this is not the best part.

The best part is the amazing amount of intercultural food you can try (this is based on my own experience, and an another list is coming)


You can find Italian restaurants at every corner in London, but if you want to be sure about where to go just look at this list !

- Cicchetti and their link right here

They have amazing tapas, what I suggest for this restaurant is to share your choices with everyone at the table, so everyone can try different things (believe me, everything you will take is good). The room is quiet noisy during rush hours, but that is a good immersion to Italia, isn't it ?

- Gloria (from the Bigmamma group) link here

If you're lucky enough to know the big mamma group, then you know the vibe of this restaurant. If not, you have to try. The decoration, the servers and the food above all, bring us to Italy in the space of a few hours, to enjoy a delicious burrata, pasta in all sauces, or pizzas with real good pizza doughs. I recommend this restaurant 100%.

Only downside: you need to book well in advance, because everyone want to go there, and I understand why.


Brunch was created in the late 19th century in England... It is just right for us to discover the English tradition that is a brunch.

- Where the pancakes are link here

Just imagine... You were out yesterday night, you had a great night but now it is already 12pm and you are despairingly hungry but also lazy to cook anything. You did not eat any breakfast and you just need to eat something delicious : this place is for you then. There are different kind of pancakes, sweets or salty, with bacon or with fruits...etc. You also have cool drinks and the simple formula is only 6£ for 2 delicious pancakes ! What are you waiting for?

- Coppa Club link here

The place itself is THE thing you need to see. It is an original restaurant with an amazing view on Tower Bridge. Basically, you are in a bubble with a beautiful view (be careful when making your reservation, specify that you want to be in a bubble, because there is also a seating part inside). The food is really good but my best memory was from the view. I took two starters (as the menu didn't appeal to me too much) and they were very good, but the price slightly excessive compared to the proportions. It was still a favorite !


Who's not hungry for a snack? Even more if it's about cupcakes or cookies?

- Ben's Cookies

If you want amazing cookies : Ben's Cookies is your place. I usually can't eat more than one at a time because it is big and heavy as the heart is all creamy. You have loads of different flavors but it is mainly with chocolate...

- Lola Cupcakes

To be honest, those cupcakes are perfectly done and you just want to try it. They have loads of different flavor (I suggest the caramel one) however, it is really expensive. You have different size of cupcakes and they have many different stands all over London, when you see it you are directly attracted to it...

- Peggy Porschen

The place is Waouh, they have a really good inside designer which makes the place magical and aesthetic, it is all about the typical "English tea-time"; I had to discover this place. It is one of the most "instagrammable" place I have been since I arrived in London, so if you decide to get there, don't be scared of the loads of people who comes just to take pictures in front of the café. Furthermore, everything is pink, they have cupcakes, cakes, coffee, tea and a bunch of other good things!


- Borough Market

This market is one of my favorite place to go on weekend. It has a great location and it is just amazing to walk through. You discover loads of different type of food, different type of culture and that's where I found some of my favorite French products. I would suggest to go during the week if you don't like crowds but it makes it a cool place to hang out ! You can buy products to cook or you can directly eat there and choose your lunch between the hundred of different stands !

- Mercato Metropolitano

This food market is located in Elephant&castle and it was originally an old paper factory. They created this cool place to have a mix of different type of food (Italian, Vietnamese, French, Argentinian, English...) and make the quartier more attractive. There is also the opportunity to hang out in different atmosphere with different bars and different areas where you can have an amazing lunch/dinner, just get a drink or enjoy an ice-cream. There are approximately 1000 seats (there are outside and inside eating areas) and a lot (when I say a lot, it is really a lot) of different little shops, the only concern you will have is not to know what to eat... Good luck, because everything looks really really good !

There are lots of amazing places in London, that is why a next article is coming about where to get drinks, asiatic food and plenty other themes!

Hope you liked it, and don't hesitate to let me know places I should try!

Merci pour votre abonnement !