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As we are in lockdown for the second time, the best thing to do could be to dream about destinations. The Christmas atmosphere is unique and some places are even more magical at that particular time. It is true that the snow and the family atmosphere help to immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas, that's why I made a list of the places that I visited during Christmas period.

1 - Lapland, Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi, Finland

As I was young, this trip was even more magical for me. In my memory, the village was sparkling, with shops, stalls and attractions that attracted me from all sides : a real winter wonderland. It is really like a dream when you are a child. I don't know what it is like as an adult, but believe me, the Christmas vibe can't be more present than in Santa Claus Village. By the way, I am the little girl on the right side of the second picture.

2 - Iceland and its volcanos

Iceland is a country that generally spreads the positive Christmas vibes all year round. It is cold there, there is snow, the landscapes are beautiful and the people are really nice... What could be better than to feel the Christmas atmosphere, even when it is not the season? If you want to know more about Iceland, read one of my article about it, 10 Things to know about Iceland !

3 - New York

New-York is really cold in winter but it gets so magical at the period. The city has the prettiest Christmas tree and decorations. In fact, during celebrations, New-York is often my favorite city to go. For example, Halloween is a thing to experience in the Big Apple.

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4 - Switzerland

Switzerland as a country, is peaceful and incredibly beautiful so it was obvious for me to spend my Christmas holidays in this amazing country. Thanks to friends, we spent the evening in a chalet, after 20 minutes by car and 20 minutes of walking with snowshoes, we had finally arrived in this rustic chalet. We didn't have network or wifi, but enough electricity to warm up and cook, accompanied by board games and amazing stories from the elderies... Everything was there for a great evening with the Christmas atmosphere!

5 - Bruges, Belgium

I wasn't in Bruges for Christmas, but I went there right after Christmas so the atmosphere was still here. If I had to describe the village in some words : very cute, with small alleys, magnificent decorations, chocolate merchants as far as the eye can see and souvenir shops overflowing. The advantage is also that about an hour from this small town is Brussels, which has one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe!

6 - Nouméa, New Caledonia

This was one of the most surprising place I could celebrate Christmas Holidays in. I went right after Christmas to Noumea, and it was strange to actually be able to go to the beach during Christmas. It was really hot and we could enjoy a walk in a National Park or a boat day. Who does that on Christmas ? It was one of the most original way to celebrate the period and I recommend to experience Christmas in the sun at least one time!

7 - Paris, France

Paris is known to be a romantic city, full of love and passion. However, it is amazing to visit it during Christmas too. On the famous Champ Elysées, you will see one of the best Christmas Market of Europe. If you keep up the momentum, you will see the renowned showcases of the Lafayette galleries where the designers and stylists show their geniuses for the Christmas season, you need to see it.

Christmas is a magical moment and at the end, it does not really matter where you are, the most important is who you are with. However, as we are in lockdown, I wanted to share a compilation of my best memories during Christmas through the years.

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