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Argentina is one of the most beautiful country in the world. After doing several different countries, I was impressed by the vastness of the country. This place has an incredible ability to remind us what modesty is : we can better see the tiny place we occupy in the world. I wrote a list of things to see if you are going through this beautiful country and a piece of advice: meet people, they are even more beautiful than their country.

1 - Iguazu falls

I was surprised because I didn't really know what to expect of those waterfalls. I don't know about you, but I personally always heard about Niagara Falls and how it was extraordinary... But Iguazu falls ? I have never seen something comparable. It is in those kind of moments where you realize how immense is our world and how lucky we are to have those paradise places.

They are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina.

Little advice: anticipate the water and take a k-way and do not take precious objects with you. It is very humid near the falls : I came out soaked (yes I had forgotten the k-way ...).

I was also lucky to be able to fly over the falls by helicopter!

2 - Perito moreno glacier : Waouh

This glacier was the first I had the chance to observe. So I was quite impressed by its size, its color and the atmosphere it gave off. The Perito Moreno glacier is a glacier located in the national Los Glaciares (not far from El Calafate). To get there, just park in the many accessible car parks and a bus will then guide you to the site.

What saddened me the most was to see panels, posted photos with writing "in 1950" then "today" and to see that the glacier had melted in half ... It is a scary reality and the falling ice is just as impressive (the natural sound of ice falling into the water being very strong).

Inconvenience : access is quite complicated for people with reduced mobility (there are many stairs and walking to do on the site).

Little info : It is also possible to pass close to the glacier by boat but I preferred not to try (when the ice comes off the glacier, this can create big waves and capsize the boats ... So, without me!).

3 - El Calafate

This city is part of the province of Santa Cruz in Patagonia. This number 3 is a bonus from the Perito Moreno glacier because the city of El Calafate is the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park, (okay that means a lot of tourists) but it's worth it.

The colors are magnificent and the landscapes are peaceful. I was lucky to be able to sleep at a gaucho farm (an Argentinian farmer), who literally lived in front of the glacier : the pictures speak for themselves, you can see how I was floating on a small (large in fact) cloud for some day.

The park is the perfect place for walkers: there are an incredible number of different walks and hikes.

PS: I really recommend the horse ride, there is nothing better to see the huge expanses (it tires less quickly than walking).

4 - Bueno Aires

Bueno Aires is a large city and the capital of Argentina. I did not have that feeling for this city though. I stayed for 2 days and it was enough. The city is not ugly, but it is not very clean, there are a lot of public works in the streets, the port is quite industrialized ... The city center is however pretty with some small alleys but the rest of the country is much more interesting to explore than Bueno Aires (this remains only my personal opinion).

5 - Discover the people

Several times during the trip, I met the locals. The first time was to spend a day with a Gaucho (an Argentinian farmer), nothing more authentic. We had a picnic (Asado and maté of course) and took a horse ride across the valley! We were towards San Carlos de Bariloche but far back in the pampas.

I realized this when Marissa (the Gaucho's wife) got off her horse and drank direclty in the river.

I was quite surprised that the water was drinkable, and when she saw my face she said to me "don't worry, the chemicals don't come that far" laughing. And we spent a memorable day: no wifi, with wild landscapes, authentic people and on horseback!

6 - San Carlos de Bariloche

An Argentinian style ski resort ! San Carlos de Bariloche is one of the nicest cities I have visited in Argentina. At the edge of lac Nahuel Huapi, there is a large glacial lake surrounded by the Andes mountain range. It is a tourist town because, many activities are offered there and it is the departure of many expeditions in the mountains. There is a panoramic point of view with a restaurant which offers a lot of culinary specialties and I am rather a fan.

7 - Ushuaïa

Shame on me, but before I set foot there, when I thought of "Ushuaïa", I thought of shower gel ... In truth, it's much better than a shower gel. You can already see the beauty of the place with the photos. Then there are two/three things to know about this beautiful city.

1- it is cold (I was not expecting it in a country like Argentina?)

2- we call this city "Tierra del Fuego" or "The end of the world"

3- the main tourist activity is 'go for a boat trip to see the penguins

4- it's a very touristy town, so don't be afraid to run out of souvenir shops ... A very nice souvenir!

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