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As some of you may know, I am moving to England in less than two weeks... It can be scary at first sight, to leave your comfort zone to discover a whole new country... I know, but I have already done it one time, when I left for the US and here are some advices I can give you to be ready before the big day, as much in your mind as in the preparations.

1- Make lists

This is one is the biggest advice I could give you : making list of what to take in your suitcase or a list of what to buy when you get in the country...etc will effectively help you at different points. First, you will not forget things that aren't always obvious (for example, your favorite mug, or a food that you can only find in your country). Here are some pictures of my own list but keep in mind that this list is subjective and specific to each person.

2- Do not pack too much

What I mean by "do not pack too much" is, as you are leaving a place or a country it is a new beginning in your life. You will definitely evolve and grow during the period you are away, so as silly as it can seems, you will also change the way you dress and the way people dress around you will have an impact on you as small as it can be.

That is whymy advice would be not to take too many clothes but rather your basics. You will buy lots of stuff when you arrive.

3- Inquire yourself about the serious stuff

I know how boring all those papers can be... However, believe me, you will be thankful to have thought about that earlier. What is good to do is to have all the important papers together in a pouch with you during the trip and to keep in safe when you arrive. What I mean by "important papers"...

- your passeport & ID + photocopies of both (really important if you loose it)

- your travel ticket (yes you better have it if you want to leave)

- your driving licence

- papers for the reason why you are leaving (for me it is university papers)

- medical prescriptions

- health insurance paper or card

- European health card

Those are the first ones I thought about, this list will depends on where you are heading to!

4- Find out about the people you might meet

I am the type of person who love to leave and stuff but stil scared when it is time to meet new people (you know this little awkward moment before to know each other?). What I would suggest for that, is to spy on social media.

If you are going to university, I am sure there are plenty of different groups chats you can be part of, and see who will be in the same course as you or in the same residence, in this case do not hesitate to start a discussion with an unknown! Those people will be on the same boat as you, as stressed and scared as you, so just go for it.

If you are going to a high school like I previously did, try to look on the school website if there are any student's names and add them on social media!

If you are going to work somewhere, try to find future co-workers and try to make the first step!

5- Find out about the place you are moving to

It is basically the same thing as number 4, but with a place. If you already know where you are going to stay, try to look up what is close to this place, how far it is from things you want to see...etc. If you do not know yet where you are going to live, try to inquire informations about your future city, things to visit, restaurants you should try...etc.

6 - Goodbyes

You are going to start a new life, a whole new thing with new people... But before to leave, you should not forget the goodbyes. What I recommend (and it is my own opinion) is to do a little (or big) party to celebrate the fact that you are leaving. In this way, you will be able to see everyone you wanted to see before to leave, and to say correctly goodbye.

7 - When packing, keep room in the suitcase for personal/sentimental stuff

When we arrive in a new country, excitation and adrenaline keep us awake the first few weeks. Then comes the adaptation time for the first 2/3 months and sometimes, during the third month the famous homesick start to pop up to your mind (sometimes it is in the first weeks). What I found useful against that, during the first weeks was to personalize my room with pictures, posters, memories, gifts and stuff I brought from home. We do not realize how much to make your bedroom your new home, help adaptation.

8 - Prepare your mind with what you are going to live

Before to move-out, you need to know something : what you are going to live is honestly amazing but everything has its negative aspects. Yes, you are going to have sad moments where you miss home, and yes you are going to see people you know have fun without you... BUT this should not change your adventure. Keep in mind that this is normal, we all went through that at least one time during the experience. When this happens to you, you will have to get out. Invite friends over for a drink, ask someone you know to go for a walk...etc but do not stay alone or do not call home too often.

9- Adjust yourself to the culture of the country your are moving in

Dont under estimate all knowledge you can get from the internet today. If you have a little time, try to find out more about customs, food, holidays, religions, known events in the country, national holidays... etc. Sometimes it's handy to be one step ahead of things like that. Also, you can try to find polls or videos, showing the clichés on the country, the image that the inhabitants of the country in which you are going will have of you according to your native country ... etc.

Merci pour votre abonnement !