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We know New Zealand through different forms, it could be the hobbits, the actors or the clichés. When we think of this beautiful country, we imagine vast places, many animals and Maoris tribes. After having traveled there I can tell you that it is true, mountains and valleys are vast and there are a lot of animals. However, there is something that few people know: New Zealand is one of the most feminist country.

I could agree with some people, on the fact that over time, the definition and image of feminism has been changed, extrapolated and distorted. Nevertheless, feminism does not mean that the power should be only in women hands. According to Cambridge Dictionary, feminism is the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way. In other words, feminism simply means that women and men should be equal in rights.

In this way, this country has an incredible history and evolution. As I was walking in Auckland last year, I discovered it completely randomly : I saw some kind of mural where four women where proudly standing up with the date « 1893 ». Obviously, I had to do some research. In fact, New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote, it was in 1893 that things finally started to change: thanks to those New Zealanders!

However, we must still admit that each country has its flaws, because women have not had the freedom to stand for election as candidates before 1919… We will still thank New Zealand for showing the example!

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Furthermore, it doesn't stop there! Did you know that in the world there are 25 countries with women in power? And of course, New Zealand is one of them. Effectively, it’s even more than that: the country is not ruled by a woman, but two (we could even say three)! As Head of State, there is the Prime Minister who is called Jacinda Ardern and the Governor, Patsy Reddy, then Queen Elisabeth II who has a symbolic role in New Zealand. Basically, it's a really powerful (and badass) country.

Seeing that a country is properly run economically, socially and politically, moreover by women, is one of the reasons that sheds a positive light on the cause of feminism and equality. It is a complete and precise example which affirms that women are able to achieve the same things as men.

But, let's not forget what women around the world still have to face, here are some examples :

- In Iran, since 1979, women have to ask their husbands's permission to exercise a professional activity.

- In Niger, women can only open a bank account to deposit money given by their husband if the bank has notified the husband beforehand. They can, however, open an account in their own name, and without warning their husbands, if they have their own job.

- In Russia, women are not allowed to drive farm trucks.

- In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, women cannot take legal action without first receiving the consent of their husbands.

- In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, women cannot take legal action without first receiving the consent of their husbands.


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